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1. My name. Meghan. Respect the H!
2. My home-planet. Silly humans.
3. Last thing I threatened with murder. My youngest brother when he threatened to delete my music collection.
4. Favourite band. Franz Ferdinand
5. Favourite obscure 80's cartoon show. Obscure? What is this obscure crap? I <3 Thundercats.
6. Do you like Coheed and Cambria? wtf?
7. The stupidest thing I've said today... Sure, I'll work your 7-10 AM shift. I don't need to sleep! (been working since 4 AM)
8. The stupidest thing I've always wanted to say.... Fuck this job! I quit!
9. People who have X's in their screen-names listen to too much screamocore. Agreed? Eh, I don't care.
10. This community is a waste of time, is it not? Nah, but I'd rather be sleeping.

Sleepy ... Or drunk?

Eye 4m TeH KOOL.

Check out those hot Doc boots with navy blue socks!

Only cool people get her their photos taken in front of heiroglyphics.

I <3 the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Death becomes me?

Look Mom, I do work and *don't* sleep all day!

Little bro and I...

Bored now...

8 photos is more than enough. I end.
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