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I'm not cool, but I'll lie about it if you ask me.

  1. My Name: Starts with a J... has three vowels. But you can use Jill. That'd work. :D
  2. My Home-Planet: It's kinda like Earth, only not.
  3. Last thing I threatened with murder: A cat. Specifically, my cat.
  4. Favourite band: WTF? I have no idea. There's just way too many good ones.
  5. Favourite obscure 80's cartoon show: Weren't they all unobscured when it was cool to be into everything 80's, even if you were born in the 90's? [smirk]
  6. Do you like Coheed and Cambria? I do. Shut up! Shut up and go to hellllll! Heh.
  7. The stupidest thing I've said today...Oh shit, that's gnarly! — Did I just say ‘gnarly’?
  8. The stupidest thing I've always wanted to say... Always? Or just, every day for the past... ever? “Quit making fun of my eh-ness!” EVERY. DAY. Everyone needs to stop making fun of it. :(
  9. People who have X's in their screen-names listen to too much screamocore. Agreed? Yes and no! BOTH! At the same time!
  10. This community is a waste of time, is it not? Indeed. But which ones aren't?

Please, please, no pictures... stalkerazzi! ;D
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