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plz rate me

1. My name. xXx_chRis_xXx
2. My home-planet. Phobos (the coolest moon)
3. Last thing I threatened with murder. I said "I'll muthafuckin keeel you" to no-one at all.
4. Favourite band. The standard answer here is Pixies.
5. Favourite obscure 80's cartoon show. Bravestar
6. Do you like Coheed and Cambria? I don't...I don't know what that is.
7. The stupidest thing I've said today... It's only 10.44am, so nothing as yet.
8. The stupidest thing I've always wanted to say.... "Quick bathroom break, boss?" in the style of Morgan Freeman.
9. People who have X's in their screen-names listen to too much screamocore. Agreed? Emocore or screamo, maybe.
10. This community is a waste of time, is it not? Sure it is, but so is most of the internet.

pic: do u liek my beard

Can I get a yay? Or possibly a beep-beep running her hands through my 'fro? Thanks!
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