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All hail the stupid people gang.

We're cooler then you think. (I'm telling a serious lie here.)

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OMG, loelzitsanotherxratingxishxcommunityx0r.

Well, not exactly. Basically this community is a tool to get all the idiots from LiveJournal into the one place together so we can practise bad chat up lines, rant about who's more "scene" then the other, and generally be pointless and random over pointless and random things. Yep, we're wasting more bandwidth with this one.

To join, fill in an application, like the below.....

(preferably hidden behind an lj cut but that's not mandatory)

1. My name.
2. My home-planet.
3. Last thing I threatened with murder.
4. Favourite band.
5. Favourite obscure 80's cartoon show.
6. Do you like Coheed and Cambria?
7. The stupidest thing I've said today...
8. The stupidest thing I've always wanted to say....
9. People who have X's in their screen-names listen to too much screamocore. Agreed?
10. This community is a waste of time, is it not?

Then post an infinite amount clear pics of yourself, kthx etc.... <3 <3 <3...... (enough to crash the LJ server...egads)

(Need I remind you, all of the above are completely optional, although I'd be intrigued to see what kind of answers people have for the survey, har)

No-one gets rejected from here.
I repeat NO-ONE.
You join, you're accepted immediately, no-one will ever kicked out on their arse.
If you want to leave in time to come, then by all means do.

Our motto.

Live and let live.

A few things that some people should know....
1. With us, there is no such thing as beautiful or ugly.
2. We shan't judge you. You are you are you are you. Don't feel the need to mold yourself in order to suit others. Least of all us.
3. I am the moderator. Yes. Me. But do keep in mind, I'm lazy, mellow and stoned much too often for my own good, so if you want to act the lunatic, be my guest.
4. Matter of fact, I'll be all too happy to help you out with that one.
5. I don't ban anyone.
6. I won't ban anyone.
7. If you have a holier than thou complex, however, you're better off passing us by. We stand for everything you hate.
8. You must have a sense of humour as a member. That's the cardinal rule. Trust me, when you have a face like mine, you HAVE to have a sense of humour.
9. Be proud of being idiot, for we are proud of being idiots and we are equally proud of you for being an idiot.

Remember, anyone who is deluded enough to consider themselves a member of the online elite really needs to catch a clue zo snel mogelijk.

Have fun whilst you're here. We're probably the nicest "hey, ma, I'm a rockstar" community going.